MavenVoter is a platform for your event, club or bar with which people can vote between songs on their mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

MavenVoter supports direct playlist import from iTunes or Spotify. The MavenVoter client runs on major desktop operating systems like Windows and macOS. Supported music files are MP3 and iTunes AAC/MP4 (m4a).

If you want to offer the complete voting experience you need to install our MavenVoter client software, giving your audience the ability to vote for songs they want to hear and dance to, or in other words: let them influence their night in the club or bar. If you are interested to offer this experience to your customers, do not hesitate and contact us at, we would be happy to come to your place and do a demonstration or register yourself and try it out.

As soon as you start your voting, you will be listed on our website as active, giving the visitor more information about you like status about the current running music genre and location. He can then plan his journey to your place using the integrated route planer.